Keeping the Halloween spirit(s) alive with the 48hr Halloween Puppet Film Project!

The filmmakers had a time limit of 1minute 11seconds, with films featuring live-performance puppetry, and incorporating our live-drawn action of DANCE, item of WINDOW, and theme of HALLOWEEN!

Please enjoy this burst of creativity, and applaud all of the filmmakers. Following the films, we'll have an award ceremony, celebrating the top rated films! 



INTRO / WELCOME with event producer Alex U. Griffin 

Film Set #1

House Troll Halloween from Kanja Chen

The Last Mask from Rachel Faircloth

Very Normal Activity from Qate Bean

Halloween Window Dance from Alba Garcia

You Can’t Sit With Us from Kendall Bailey

The Devil’s Dance from Lee Thompson

Bird Call Presents “Window Pains” from Calvin Lester

Florence Grey from Elise Timm-Bottos

Lit Dancing from Kelvin Kao

The Curious Cat from Maxine Meltzer

Halloween Hackfest from Clare Jefferson Jones

Goody Bags from Jessica Jelks

Costume Commotion from Sam Kendall

Becca’s Halloween Adventure from Wayne Henry

The Crow and the Scare from Anthony Stokes

Augustus the Fox and the Halloween Scare from Odessa Miller

Dancing Through a Window? from Charles Pillsbury III

Garden Sprite on All Hallows Eve from Bonnie Kim

Trick or Treat from Geanice Gee

Ghost Friends and Monster Friends from Micah Rev Griffin

Pas de Blue Moon from Brenna Ross

Mirror Dance from Mary Dickins

Nightmare in Space from Simon Trumble

All Hallow’s Eve from Karen Florek

(Including the short student film Alex's Dream, an appearance by Le Mutt, some Alex U. Griffin boredom, and maybe... a Gremlin...)

Home Sweet Home from RuBen Permel

Silent Death from Bil DeLong

Between World the Veil is Thin from Mark Crane

Elixer from Rachel Gibas

Candy Man from Rebekah Lane

Trick or Treat from Drew Berg

Hall of Mirrors from Richard Martin

The Dead Can’t Dance But… from The Felt Show

Tales of the Necronomicon from Marissa Tong


Even in Sorrow We Dance from Daniella Fayad

Viable by Christopher Gadd

A Tricky Treat from Ben Gown

Bloody Mary from Georgia Bellas

Ghost Dance from Carny Val


Carl Allen’s Puppetrygeist from Mandy Mcguffey

Casa de Creep: Arti’s Dream

Playing Opossum from Gina Sandy

Fools Dance from Kris Woolen

Ghost Be Me from Taylor Bibat

The Kingdom: “Trickster Treat” from Sam Miller


How to Build a Window from Eli Presser

The Window from Kristi Ann Holt


SNOT Going Out from Cat Rock & The House of Funny Noises

The Missing Eye from Rudy Martinez


AWARDS for Top Rated Films!


"I hope you all enjoyed the films. I’d like to fist give a big CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our filmmakers! I’m always amazed that each and every one of these films was made in just 48hrs, using our prompts!" - Alex U. Griffin 

Special thanks to volunteers form the LA Guild of Puppetry Board of Directors, and staff members from Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry! 

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