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Welcome to the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry!


The LAGP was chartered in 1956 to serve the puppetry community of Los Angeles. The Mission of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry is to share, promote and enhance the art of puppetry in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


We are thrilled to join Bob Baker Day 2021 virtually by showcasing some of the LA/SoCal puppet artists from around the area. Please enjoy our curated playlist of puppet performances and short films by these local performers and creators!

Table of Contents:

  1. Spring Fling- by Rudy Martinez

  2. I Call My Sisters- by Probably Witch

  3. Dear Diary: Dealing With Feelings- by Pandemic Playhouse

  4. Birthday Wish- by Swazzle Productions

  5. Conjure- by Probably Magic Productions

  6. Uncle Interloper Down Under #104: Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney, Australia- by Saturday Morning Media

  7. The Adventures of Tuben- by Seymour Studios

  8. The Louvre Puppet Show- by Marie Clair Macadar

  9. This Is Gonna Be Good- by Steve Troop

  10. Dr. Little and the Crisis Kids- by Bibat Projects

  11. Superbloom- by Jack Pullman, Maesa Pullman and Jason Hiller

  12. Pogo- by Grey Wears

  13. Little Kicks- by Sherry Layne

  14. Boney Lovesauce- by Rasputin Marionettes (PG-13 Rating)

  15. Toiley T. Paper in The Hike- by Toiley (PG Rating)

Puppetry Resources

If you are interested in learning about more puppetry around the USA and internationally or are interested in helping puppet artists in need please check out these links below! 

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