A very special LA Guild of Puppetry puppet slam is coming this June - Puppet Playlist LA!


What is Puppet Playlist, you ask?


Puppet Playlist is a themed evening of puppetry and music inspired by a musician or band. Each show features original puppet acts, alternating with live covers, based on the theme musician or band.  Started by Josh Luxenbergand Jon Levin with Sinking Ship Productions, Puppet Playlist has been running for nearly ten years and has featured some of New York’s most interesting puppeteers and singer-songwriters.


Now, for the first time ever, Puppet Playlist came to Los Angeles!


Hayworth Theater, 6/9/2018

Intro - Sara, Christine

Robin Walsh - "Pussy Control" - Tabletop Blacklight Puppetry

Andrea Gedrich - "Cream" - Hand Puppery

Ben Wise - "When You Were Mine"

Liz Hara - "Forever in My Life" - Table Top Puppetry

Logan Heftel - "Nothing Compares to You"

Tanya Leal Soto - "Take Me With You" - Suitcase Theater Puppetry, with live music from Jen and Henry

Adam McCabe & Jackie Johnson - "Manic Monday"

Alex Griffin - "Old Friends 4 Sale" - Neon Tabletop Puppetry

Tony Thaxton - "7"

Adrian Rose Leonard - "New Position" - Glove Puppetry

A few words from Dynasty Typewriter w/ Jamie and Vanessa

Stacey Weingarten - "KISS" - Full body hand-and-rod puppetry


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