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We offer many in person and online workshops. Past workshops have included building, performance, film production, and much more!                   


Throughout the year, we also host a number of special events. Join us at our Puppet Prom, Holiday Party, or Puppetzilla Puppet Slam! 


Activism Through Puppetry

Using Art to Make Social Commentary and Enact Change

Kate Katz is a Los Angeles based puppeteer and special effects artist. She attended UCONN's school of puppetry as a graduate student, as well as The Sandglass Institute, and the Eugene O'Neill Puppetry Conference. Her career credits include: Annabel Comes Home, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Westworld, and Aquaman.

Kate is also an activist and entrepreneur. Her company, All Hands In, uses a puppetry based approach to teach teambuilding and leadership skills within companies and organizations. Kate's activism really kicked off in 2016, but the majority of her personal puppetry work has always centered around themes of inequality and politics. Kate believes that puppetry is one of the strongest art forms one can use when making social or political commentary. She also believes that all artists must step up and use their voice to point out injustice and inequity in the world.  

Best of the 48hr Puppet Film Project 2020

On August 22nd at 11am PT / 2pm ET, join us as we revisit just some of the top films produced using the theme "hope," the action "jump," and the item "cardboard" for 48hr Puppet Film Project. Streaming free on our Facebook page! 

This free event is sponsored by Heather Henson's IBEX Puppetry and Handmade Puppet Dreams film series. 

Puppetzilla Puppet Slam

Stomping on in FALL 2020! 

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