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Puppet Slam -
The Lucky Edition!

Saturday, March 11

The Mayflower Club

What is a Puppet Slam?

An evening of short form puppet theater – the content ranges from hilarious to profound and everything in between. The performers include everyone from first-time puppeteers, (works in progress) to veteran professionals.

Sometimes acts feature musicians, dancers, circus performers, and other affiliated artists. But really, they're mostly puppet acts!


The Puppetzilla Puppet Slam is the LAGP's very own (popular) slam!

Our #1 rule : it should be “too short to suck.”

Puppetzilla! is made possible in large part by the generous grant from the Puppet Slam Network, an outreach effort of Ibex Puppetry to connect, support and grow short-form puppet and object theater performance for adult audiences nationwide.

All photographs from Alex U. Griffin

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