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Direct Relief Fund

Many in our community have lost work doing what we love — performing, teaching, and sharing the art of puppetry in all its forms. To that end, Puppeteers of America, in partnership with UNIMA-USA, brings this Direct Relief Fund for Puppet Artists.

Don't be shy to apply for the fund if in need, and help others get a boost during these times.  

Online Puppetry Events

Are you looking for an online puppetry event to attend?


Visit this continually updated list to find both one-time and reoccurring events for every age! 

Have an event of your own?


Add it! This is a great resource for anybody, anywhere, to find shows to attend! 

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Puppet Artists Shop

Support puppets artists! Let's keep the chain of support active in our small-but-large community. 

Many are struggling, and purchasing through their online shops is a great way to continue the chain of support. Don't be afraid to also list your own shop! 

Find that special something you've been looking for today! 

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